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Pedro Munoz „Stallion Boots“ for CULT925

Di Lenardo & Co. Zurich is proud to name Pedro Munoz, Designer and owner of „Stallion Boots & Belt Co.“, to produce all leather work of CULT925.

Pedro Munoz:

“I believe that the essence of the artists permeates the product that they create.”

My passion began with my Grandfather in the rural town of Zaragoza in Northern Mexico. On route to our family’s ranch in the Sierra Madre Mountains, we stopped for gasoline and a visit to the general store. It was there that I got my first beautiful pair of boots. I was five years old.

Fast forward to 1974, after many joyful summers spent at the ranch and many pairs of boots, I am now in college and ready to design my first pair. My Father brought me to Mr. Martinez, his personal boot maker in Juarez, Mexico. We collaborated and created my first custom pair. It was then that I became fascinated with the process of boot making.

Five years later, while living in El Paso, Texas, I met the two men that would help me begin my sojourn; Jose Gallegos and Plutarco Rodriguez. Our combined skills and knowledge formed what is now the Stallion Boot & Belt Co.

After more than thirty years, we are still committed to keeping every aspect and detail of our products and sourcing at the highest worldwide standard. In order to make magnificent boots and leather goods, we use only the finest skins and materials. Sourcing them is something I take great pride in and do so without compromise. This, along with employing a skilled and experienced team of artisans creates a Stallion. By wearing our products, you can feel the quality and the history.

I am proud to work with my friend and hermano Jean-Pierre Louis Di Lenardo, Designer and owner of CULT925, yours Pedro Munoz

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