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David August Heil named official agent CULT925

Di Lenardo & Co. Zurich is proud to name David August Heil, CEO and Lead Designer of David August, as official agent CULT925.
David is a man obsessed with sleeve length, fit, drape and lapel style, who can turn any man’s wardrobe in to a magnificent tool for which to conquer life in the limelight, the boardroom, behind the scenes and the paths of life. And he does it with flair.

David has the ability to empower men through the act of creating exquisite, hand tailored, custom wardrobes designed specifically to fit one’s lifestyle. He has been doing just that for over 20 years. David is a visionary, a meticulous artist and a captain of the clothing industry who understands the impact of being impeccably dressed and has the unique and stunning ability to help his clients accomplish this.Custom hand tailored wardrobes for the Superstars of Business, Sports and Entertainment.

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